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Betty Teen. A “Tong doll” from the 1990s

To be precise, this doll became famous in the 1980’s, but for the Russian doll collectors she has always been one of the toy symbols of the early nineties when bright foreign toys flooded the post-Soviet market. She totally deserves to be called one of the most remarkable toy fashion dolls of the 1980-1990 period. While scarce facts about Betty were dispersed on the Internet and are sometimes hard to find, we tried to accumulate as much information about this doll as possible from both Russian and Engish-language online and offline sources - message boards, flickr, ebay, books, and of course childhood memories that were shared with the author of this article.

Welcome to the world of Betty Teen, a "tong doll" of our childhood!


Picture on the left: Betty dolls owned by the author. The brunette has an M&C mark on her head, she was purchased through petites annonces on French eBay, and the blonde with a "© TONG" mark on her head was bought in 1992 in a provincial Russian city.

Ekaterina Ziborova,