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Antique Holidays: antique doll exhibition in Moscow

11 June - 8 September 2013

During Summer 2013 the expocenter "Tushino" in Moscow, Russia, hosts an exhibition of antique dolls Antique Holidays. All the dolls and their accessories belong to the famous Moscow doll collector and doctor Darya Kiselyova. This is her second personal exhibition, though Russian doll admirers already had an opportunity to get acquainted with a part of Darya's diverse collection during international doll shows that take place in the Russian capital regularly.

Antique dolls Eden Bebe and Kestner premold 143

Eden Bebe doll and Kestner doll pre-mold 143

Antique dolls in Russia Moscow exhibition

Heinrich Handwerck 79 mold, Kestner 128 mold, Simon & Halbig 1009 mold

SFBJ doll in Russia exhibition

SFBJ doll

About two dozens of charming old dolls, with real rarities among them, are demonstrated in a picturesque and creative way. These boys and girls play with pets and toys, get ready for voyages, go plein air painting and pick their best dresses for bright and light summer leisures. The walls are decorated with lots of colorful pictures made by Darya herself.

The exposition includes Western European and Russian dolls - Jumeau, Lenci, Handwerck, Dunaev and others.

Antique Adam Shreier doll celluloid

Adam Shreier doll, celluloid

Antique dolls Dunaev factory artel Majolica

Dolls by artel Mayolik (guild Majolica), ex-Dunaev factory

Address: Moscow, Ian Rainis boulevard, 19, building 1 (Shodnenskaya subway station).

Schedule: 11:00-21:00 daily, Monday is a day off

Entrance fee: 40 rubles (~1,2$), special prices for certain groups of visitors. Each third Sunday of the month is free

Ekaterina Ziborova,