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ART DOLL EXPO in Shanghai (10-12 July): when doll cultures meet

Art Doll Expo in Shanghai, China

Ekaterina Ziborova, July 2015

Everyone has his own associations with the "asian doll". Some of us think of delicate antique dolls or wooden Kokeshi, some recall the extravagant artists' creations, some have a soft spot for BJD or Pullip and the fans of Barbie-like dolls praise Kurhn - suitable both for children and adult collectors.

BJD art doll Wang Na Rong

Articulated art doll by Wang Na Rong

This summer we will have a great opportunity to expand our knowledge of doll culture in China, Japan and South Korea, as well as the Asian doll lovers will meet artists and their works from Europe and Russia. A futuristic expo center Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center will host the annual global exhibition China International Cartoon and Game Expo (CCG), and the international doll show ART DOLL EXPO (2nd Art Doll Collection & Creative Design Week) will be an important part of it.

 Amelia Wang at the art doll expo in Shanghai

ART DOLL EXPO curator Amelia Wang at the opening ceremony of the art expo of 2010.

BJD dolls in Shanghai

BJD dolls at the expo in 2010

The doll exhibition ART DOLL EXPO will occupy more than 5000 sqm. Here the visitors will see art projects by the artists from China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Czech Republic... The ART DOLL EXPO partner in Germany is Sebastian Marquardt, the owner of the famous publishing house Wellhausen & Marquardt Medien and organizer of the world's largest Teddy bear expo Teddybar Total in Munster. In Russia ART DOLL EXPO cooperates with the cultural foundation DOLLS OF THE WORLD, the founder of the "Pandora" international doll award and the great annual ART OF DOLL show in Moscow.

Irina Myzina, Amelia Wang and Olga Lakhina at the #15 DOLL TIME (May 2015) in St.-Petersburg

ART DOLL EXPO has the support of the Chinese Ministry of Culture and comprehensive cooperation with different organizations with embassies, consulates, art education organizations and commercial brands among them. It also gets wide media coverage on TV and in other media including numerous websites and online communities.

Amelia (Yan) Wang is a professional designer, Melbourne La Trobe graduate, ART DOLL EXPO curator, collector and doll artist. She discovered the bright and diverse Russian doll culture in 2012 when she attended ART OF DOLL expo in Moscow. In 2015 she came to present the Chinese doll art to St.-Petersburg during the #15 DOLL TIME international exhibition and attend the ceremony for Pandora laureates.

Amelia Wang is amazed by the fact that the relatively young Russian doll culture developed so rapidly that the doll artists from Russia are among the brightest doll art stars nowadays. Having contemporary art promotion and creative culture exchange among the most important missions of ART DOLL EXPO, Amelia sees bright prospects for both Russian artists bringing their dolls to China and Chinese art connoisseurs getting acquainted with them. "China is a huge promising market for Russian designers and in my turn, I'd like to promote the best of them," - says Amelia Wang.

DD-Anne art dolls in China

Porcelain dolls by DD-Anne, China

Sun Dongxu resin BJD doll, China

Resin doll by Sun Dongxu, China

ART DOLL EXPO is the place where you can plunge into the art doll world, take a look at private doll collections and enlarge your own, get acquainted with the artists' works from different countries of the world, take part in thematic events and charity projects. Last year the CCG, this year's background event for ART DOLL EXPO, was visited by more than 230 000 guests.

DOLLPLANET.RU is the ART DOLL EXPO official media partner. We will tell you about the ART DOLL EXPO news and introduce its participants to our readers.


CCG official site:

Contact the organizers:

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
No.1099, Guozhan Road, Shanghai, China
Hall 3, 2nd floor

Daily schedule:
9:00 - 17:00

Entrance fee: 50rmb (8$)

Ekaterina Ziborova,