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DollTime №3 in St.-Petersburg

Once in half a year a special doll show, DollTime, takes place in St.-Petersburg, Russia. DollTime-2009 (11-14.06.2009) will be dedicated to the personality of Peter the Great: the Very Important Doll of DollTime-2009 (which is generally chosen from the most famous and remarkable contemporary Russian artist dolls) will be the whole group "White Night" which shows us Peter the Great with Ekaterina I and their children, the dolls that can also be associated with the symbolic suite of the Emperor. The author, Elena Gromova from Moscow, has spent 6 years working on these dolls.
The show takes place in Exhibition hall of Saint-Petersburg Artists Union, Big hall Bolshaya Morskaya,38. There are really famous artists among the participants: Gerlinde Feser, Doris Stannat, Siu Ling Wang, Marina Bychkova, Laura Scattolini, Eva Benaglia, Irina Deineko, Vera and Zinaida Yusovy, and many others. You can see the whole list of participants here.
DOLLPLANET.RU has been participating in DollTime show since its very beginning. This year, the portal in cooperation with the unique collectible doll shop DOLLY'S HOUSE starts a brand new project DOLLGENESIS, a 3D doll guide through time and culture.
Find out more at, the official site of the show; come and enjoy!

In the picture:
The doll composition by Irina Goryunova from DollTime-2.,