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The contrasts of Elina Doll world
ART DOLL EXPO in Shanghai (10-12 July 2015): when doll cultures meet
DollChic fashion BJD: true feminity
Dollcreatures by Alena Zhirenkina

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The contrasts of Elina Doll world | 03.07.2015
There are people who have the magical ability to transform the reality around them. Obeying their creative will it becomes as harmonious and orderly as a work of art. The doll artist from St.-Petersburg, Russia, who works under the name "Elina Doll" doesn't just make dolls. She evolves a chain of images that suddenly begin to live their independent lives... >>

ART DOLL EXPO in Shanghai (10-12 July 2015): when doll cultures meet | 03.07.2015
This summer we will have a great opportunity to expand our knowledge of doll culture in China, Japan and South Korea, as well as the Asian doll lovers will meet artists and their works from Europe and Russia. A futuristic expo center Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center will host the annual global exhibition China International Cartoon and Game Expo (CCG), and the international doll show ART DOLL EXPO will be an important part of it. >>

DollChic fashion BJD: true feminity | 29.09.2014
Moscow photographer Petr Tishkov is famous in the doll world for his exquisite collection of miniature Microdiva dolls clad in fantastic gowns hand-sewn by Petr himself. His second project DollChic features resin fashion BJD dolls in ¼ scale. These fascinating divas are 41 cm high and boast 19 points of articulation (including double knee and elbow joints)... >>

Dollcreatures by Alena Zhirenkina | 20.09.2014
People have always associated Teddy bears with childrens’ toys – touching, sweet, nice and safe. Most artist bears inherited these traits, but there are Teddy bear artists who have chosen a different path. Alena Zhirenkina, a famous artist from Moscow, is among them. Alena’s style is impressive, independent and instantly recognizable... >>

Elena and Ekaterina Popovy: four hands doll making | 17.09.2014
Twins from Perm, Elena and Ekaterina Popovy, form a fabulous dollmaker team. Both of them entered the doll world at the same time, and by now they've been working on their projects for about ten years already. Their dolls are undoubtedly among the most bright and special on Russian doll art scene. We interviewed the girls to learn more about their doll art career, creative process and ideas. >>

Antique Holidays: antique doll exhibition in Moscow | 23.06.2013
During Summer 2013 the expocenter "Tushino" in Moscow, Russia, hosts an exhibition of antique dolls "Antique Holidays". All the dolls and their accessories belong to the famous Moscow doll collector and doctor Darya Kiselyova. This is her second personal exhibition. About two dozens of charming old dolls, with real rarities among them, are demonstrated in a picturesque and creative way... >>

Kathe Kruse introduces an exclusive doll for Russia! | 16.02.2013
Kathe Kruse dolls made their first appearance in Russia when they were featured in BURDA special editions dedicated to doll fashion. Now Kathe Kruse dolls are avaliable to every doll lover in the country who is willing to pay the price of a high-quality European toy. On you can find out more about a new limited edition doll from Kathe Kruse that is created both for children and adult collectors… >>

SISTERS. BJD dolls by Elena and Ekaterina Popovy | 07.02.2013
Famous siblings Ekaterina and Elena Popovy are among the most popular Russian dollmakers. They have been working together for many years. Being professional fashion designers, they created small collections of impressive OOAK artist dolls. And in 2012 these slim fashion models became jointed! Here you can learn more about incredible BJD dolls by Popovy sisters, a new collectible brand that became an instant hit. >>

Betty Teen. A “Tong doll” from the 1990s | 07.02.2013
To be precise, this doll became famous in the 1980’s, but for the Russian doll collectors she has always been one of the toy symbols of the early nineties when bright foreign toys flooded the post-Soviet market. She totally deserves to be called one of the most remarkable toy fashion dolls of the 1980-1990 period. We tried to accumulate as much information about this doll as possible - welcome to the world of Betty Teen, a "tong doll" of our childhood! >> guide: Doll museums and galleries in Russia | 16.12.2012

We searched and searched and found out that there was apparently no list of doll and toy museums and galleries that are currently working in our country. But, in fact, for a doll fan visiting Russian Federation there is plenty of things to see! In this guide we made an attempt to summarize the information about the main doll museums and galleries. Come and join us for this journey full of fun!